Deleting individual pictures is too hard

I have a lot of misfit pictures to delete.
But it takes a lot of clicking around for one picture.
It used to be easier.

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I stopped being concerned about my lower quality or misfit pictures years ago, and regard that 99% acceptable is good enough. I use the tools BlackVue upload where there us no facility to edit/delete individual frames without major process changes and increase in upload cost beforehand. ie not worth my time investment.

And I preprocess locally (before upload) for my own OSM work.

I’m curious, if you don’t mind, what is involved in preprocess.

I’ve thought about getting myself set up up do something like that where I can run some scripts to auto tweak images and such. I assume there’s tools out there but I haven’t looked yet.

Having a new computer with plenty of drive space has me thinking it’s time to dive in. Grax

It is mostly covered in my OSM diary, but basically I process/geoencode the BlackVue Vids to 4K images at 1FPS, choose those that have an audio annotation (me talking into camera about the new/changed object) then scroll back/forth through images and auto cut/paste the location into OSMiD. With all the real world data visible/heard (including the Maxar etc overhead view) I can then create the OSM object.

I thought I pasted a similar note in this group too.

I dont use the mapillary_tools to preprocess as not all the GPS data written to EXIF. Using ffmpeg, exiftool etc I can also limit to 1FPS. (actually key frames only)

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My region is already overpictured.
The bad pictures really become an annoyance to everyone.

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filipc, for what it’s worth they don’t annoy me. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Did Mapillary add some automation to grade pictures on their quality? If so, having a filter for that would be useful.

I do not know how to stop the capturing.
Here is one important and good picture and hundreds dark.