Make a tool so we can manually horizon level 360 imagery or force Gopro to add that metadata

There’s more and more 360 imagery, but if it’s made using a Gopro Max, while a great camera, horrible when it comes not having metadata during it’s timelapse photo mode that would allow for horizon leveling the images.

Either you (Mapillary) make a tool for us to do that somehow, (that tries to auto guess it and we just need to verify or something). Or you manage to convince Gopro to add that metadata to the images. I can’t imagine it being THAT hard for them to do … but so far they haven’t done it…

Human heads aren’t perfect camera gyro’s so def during a bike ride you’ll get images like this:

I have a 360 camera which adds metadata. The problem is still there though, as you cannot trust the values provided by the camera accelerometers if you mount it on a helmet, unless you’re stationary and make a point of holding your head still.
Hugin can try to auto guess, and I think that it supports scripting. However, without manual intervention I mostly get bad results because of lack of vertical features.

Until it becomes easier to auto-level time-lapse photos from the GoPro Max I highly recommend filming or using time warp, even though the resolution is of lower quality. The benefit of filming is more photos with a smaller interval. This usually makes up for the lower quality. The user experience using Mapillary heavily suffers if the camera direction is all over the place.