Delete gps exif tags from images in a map

Hi, are there any solution delete gps tags from many images?
My Gear360 cam made a lot of images with fals gps tags. I would like to geotag this photos in JOSM, but the process send error message, and stops. If I delete the gps tags, then the geotagging process run perfectly

In Windows 11 it can be done in the File Properties - Details tab.- Remove properties and personal information.
Even for a selection of pictures.

thank you. In win10 there are this process too

If you want to do lots of metadata editing, I can warmly recommend Exiftool. It’s a command-line tool so you have to write you instructions, but it is incredible what you can do with it. Also, the writer Phil Harvey is very active on their forum and very patient and helpful.

For example, to remove GPS data from all photos in a folder:

exiftool -gps:all= *