Data Detections from a list of image IDs?


I’m currently working on a university project, where we want to extract the different image detections within a set boundary. We have specifically chosen Copenhagen, as our testing ground. Here we have extracted all the image IDs and then can loop through the IDs and get the detections. However, this process seems to be very time-consuming, as there are over 1 million IDs.

Now, we were wondering how the implementation of multiple entities worked. Is it possible to make a request with a list of multiple IDs and then get a return of the corresponding detections, and what would that request look like?

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Hi! Check the “Detection search” section in the API Documentation to find out how you can fetch all detections that are within a bound box directly (e.g.$TOKEN&fields=value&bbox=12.967,55.597,13.008,55.607).

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