How to retrieve images containing potholes

I am trying to figure out how to search for images containing potholes using the API.

This post suggests potholes are included in the segmentation IDs. However neither the class ID nor the “value” is mentioned.

I am looking at the API docs for detection and trying to use the search graph_mapillary_com/detections endpoint. I successfully used it to retrieve detections with the value “object–manhole” but not sure what to put for pothole as it is not mentioned in the available Points here.
I tried “object–pothole” but I always get a timeout error even when limiting my query to 1 result.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hey Oasis,

There are two approaches:

  1. Fetch all images from map objects object-manhole in a given bbox (bbox is required):
curl -s ',46,16,47&object_values=object--manhole&fields=object_value,images,geometry'
  1. It doesn’t work in my bbox (due to timeout), but it provide you the idea: Fetch all detections that contains any detections that wild-matches *manhole*
curl -s ',46,15.2,46.2&values=*manhole*&fields=object_value' -v

Hope it helps.

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Thanks I appreciate that.

The thing is I was able to fetch manhole, but I am trying to fetch pothole and I don’t know what the object string for that is or the segmentation ID.

While I can easily find manhole detections all over the map, I was unable to find a single pothole using the string “object–pothole” in New York, San Francisco, or Pittsburgh for example.

I find it hard to believe all these cities do not have a single detection so I must be missing something