API - detection_keys found in map_features query not showing up in image_detections query by image

Often, when sending an API call using a map_features query, I get a set of detection_keys with associated image_keys. However, when I send another call using an image_detections query and filtering using the image_key in question, the detection does not show up.

Here’s an example: I can send in a map_features query for traffic_signs in downtown LA, and I get the following detection_key/image_key pair:

  • detection_key: ‘j76nioooil2bk1qtl18nqijj9s’
  • corresponding image_key: ‘SZOL5_gQiVbiK8nmFLHM-g’

However, when I send an image_detections query and filter using that image_key, I get a list of detections that doesn’t contain the detection_key shown above.

Note: query is for my org’s shape, min_nbr_detections is set to 1, min area set to 0, etc.