Cut part of sequence

I forgot stop recording on my car and make many of picture on one place. Therefore is in middle of sequence waste images. It is possible to cut out this middle part, not only separatly image by image?

I don’t think there’s a functionality for that by the app itself, but it’d be faster if you go to

[internal/external storage root directory]/Android/data/app.mapillary/files/mapillary/CAMERA2_0/[sequence date]/ and delete unnecessary images there by yourself.

Don’t know about iOS though.

I need edit it on web. I found it out after I upload all images on internet :confused:
And there I found only function to delete one selected image.

You can try to edit the sequence and delete each image individually. That can be done online but may take a lot of time.
Change sets larger than 1000 changes may not be supported from time to time, but they should be put in a queue and run later.