How to remove photo sequence from phone

I would like to remove some test sequences with hundreds of photos each from the smartphone (Android), before uploading the remaining good sequences en bloc.
I know how to remove single photos from a sequence, but this is not practical with hundreds of photos. If it’s really not possible now, then this is a feature request for the future.

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haha, It took some months to discover it is very easy. Go to upload section with overview of sequences. Then just swipe the sequence you want to remove to the right for deleting the complete sequence !

I guess it is time for a clear manual using the mapillary app.


@micmin1972 We also felt it’s time! So here you go: =)

And now I have the opposite problem:
I swiped away a sequence and immediately realised that it was an error.
I noticed that I did not see a confirmation dialogue, which I am sure ther was before in his case.