Current Processing delay [Solved]

Just checked it, they’re still going trough it. already seeing a difference

Yes, seems to be working again. Yesterday the map was empty.

However, fetching fresh sequences (>= 2022-03-30) via API requests still does not work.

Since yesterday API requests work again.

Pictures uploaded in 2019 still under processing (although pictures are available).

Perhaps 2 weeks ago I had a rash of “old” (2016-2019) single images reappear as orange map data processing down the right side of the GUI. The big frustration is that they get in the (sorted) way of the current BlackVue video upload status, so I am unsure of how the process is going. They do however eventually appear in a date range filtered display.

Again no map updates, approx. since 2022-07-13.
API also does not deliver any new sequences.


@eserte thanks for flagging this! We are having some delays on generating tiles and we will catch up with tiles soon.

It is coming. But do they know ?

2022-07-14 and 2022-07-15 seem to be available now. But there’s still nothing for 2022-07-16 and later.

Tiles are generated for 2022-07-16 and later. We have still some delays for sequences which are uploaded later than 2022-07-20. @eserte

All tiles should be generated by now, please let us know if you are still not seeing your traces on the map.

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Thanks, looks good so far.

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@asturksever Hi Said I have some “stuck” more recent uploads sequences (>30?) still ingesting after more than a month (web GUI). These are not the (still processing okay) server migration ones.

Since I have so many on the queue I cant tell whether they are (say) visible as OSM overlays yet.

Would you/someone have a brief look at these? Not in any kind of rush. I am still having uploads being done gradually which will take more than a month.


Again processing seems to be stuck. Sequences from 2022-07-29 and later are missing on both map and via API.

@bob3bob3 Can you send an email to support with more details and we can further check these sequences. cc @NavjyotSandhu