Delay in processing from Mapillary Uploader in Imac

It is normal for a 360 capture to take several days to be processed from mapillary uploader, I uploaded a block and one image has been processing for more than 4 days, the rest uploaded ok

Captura de Pantalla 2024-04-18 a la(s) 9.35.06 a. m.

Yes, some processing may take up to a week, but let us know if it still isn’t finished a week later. Smaller uploads will generally process quicker as well. Was it a 360 video, timelapse, or photos?

Hello Boris, it was a 360 video

Thank you for the clarification. In general you might have quicker processing when using timelapse (instructions for GoPro Max, Insta360 x3) or not sure which camera you’re using?

Yes Boris, I’m using the gopro Max

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I also use the uploader, on Ubuntu. No 360 captures, just regular Pictures from Action Cam with GPS in exif.
Processing was ok unlil 6.4.2024. From 7.4. on , there are a lot of sequences missing, maybe 20% of all I uploaded.
Currently, the yellow banner sais “Processing 6 captures from Apr. 12 to Apr. 20” but it said “from Apr. 7 to…” some days ago and the missing sequences did not show up yet. Not in my upload history, not on the map. They are just gone.
All captures/uploads with Android during that time are ok. Problem is with the linux uploader. Can anyone from Mapillary check that? User teddy73

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@tao - are you able to take a look at these sequences?

Hello Boris, It is still processing since April 14, there must be some problem, when I try to upload it again it tells me that the file already exists. Thanks

Yes, looks like it probably failed unfortunately. In the mapillary desktop uploader click on your username in the top left and select settings. Then toggle off “Skip uploaded files” - this will let you re-upload the file for processing once again.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

No problem, those things happen, otherwise, thanks for the help.

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Hello, are there any news? The sequences still did not show up :frowning:
Currently, the yellow banner says: Processing 6 captures from Apr. 17 to Apr. 23 but I am missing sequences from Apr. 7 and Apr. 18 at least. Strange as well that I did not shoot anything at April 17…
Please take a look, since I think I am not the only one with this problem.

@tao friendly ping to take a look :slight_smile:

The sequences did not show up yet. I re-uploaded some important ones, some others are still missing, but nevermind.
After some investigation and uploading a lot of sequences in the last days, where there are again some missing (but not many), I found out that the problem must be here: In Command line uploader, sequneces are cut at 500 pics or 2 GB of total size, whatever comes first. When the 500 pics are first, so that average file size of each picture is lower than 4 MB, there is never a problem. Problem of lost sequences arise when the cut is made at the 2 GB limit with fewer than 500 pics. But even here, its not always the case, not all squences disappear. But IF a sequence disappears, its always around the 2 GB limit. Do you get what I mean?
@boris Maybe you can send this to the developers.
@agalindo What was the average picture size of your sequences? Or: Were the sequences cut before 500 pics?

In my case, the average was 900 images of approximately 200 MB. The problem arose, I think, because what was uploaded was a video that ended up becoming those 900 images.