[BugReport] Several of my sequences are not appearing

I have several sequences that are not appearing on the map, nor on the upload tab.
I’ve uploaded them all with the OS X Uploader that stated that the upload was done successfully. This is happening for the past few months.

Was the latest upload, on December 7, 2020. The Mapillary Uploader states that the upload went fine, but still a lot of images do not appear

This happens almost every time for the past few months. Are those images lost? I do not have enough space on my local disk to keep them. So I erase them as soon as the Uploader indicates that everything is uploaded succesfully


Same here. I send an e-mail, reported it, no answer from mapillary whatsoever. :worried:
See also this topic [bugreport] No update of Mapillary track layer since 02.12.2020

I reported it by e-mail a few weeks ago as well . They told me they located a problem and had two fixes in the pipeline. One was already deployed. However, I had the feeling that it was more about sequences not appearing on the map. That’s a bit less worrying than not seeing the uploaded files in my upload tab.

I can see your pictures, so they are not lost, see https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/ruf4TvtUtjpkkD4GNGEHWK
There are even the white navigation arrows that connect them. I can’t see those white arrows in my “hidden” images.

Thanks for reporting this @escada. It looks like we did not fully solve the issue when we were investigating it. We are diving back in to look at this one to work out why some images are taking so long to appear.

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The status page is gone. What’s happening?

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If even more cases of similar issues can be helpful for finding the bug, I think the exact same thing is happening here: https://www.mapillary.com/app/?focus=map&pKey=ruf4TvtUtjpkkD4GNGEHWK&lat=50.72532821177617&lng=4.195478812370311&z=18.22956868511965

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