[bugreport] Capture screen shifted beneath system UI

Hi, on my phone the capture screen is somehow shifted to the right so that the UI elements are beneath the system nav buttons. Notice also the left side of the screen, where there is a gap to the edge of the screen - the black bar is the area where the notch is, the gray bar belongs to the mapillary app.
I assumed it could have something to do with my system setting to hide the notch and now it’s shifted two times, once by the system and additionally by the app, but changing the setting to show the notch doesn’t make any difference.

Nokia 7.1
Mapillary version: 3.147
Android version: 9

Something similar was in conflict with the application of rotation control

I have the same issue with a Xiaomi Mi A2 Life also has notch. Were you able to fix it?

actually I haven’t used it lately, but it’s still the same

Same bug as this one:


I have a similar issue.