Half screen while capturing

How to fix this half screen appears in white while capturing in Samsung S21 ?

@Majid Thanks for reporting this one. Please can you make sure you’re using latest version of Mapillary app? Please also share your Android version for further checks.

Can confirm this bug on my Sony Xperia 5 II, too. Version is latest from Play Store (5.1.0).


Hi Astur,

Thanks for replying, my current Mapillary version is 5.1.0 which i believe its the latest and my Android version is 12 on Samsung S21 Ultra.

And FYI its always like that whenever i use the app its like that only … iam not sure why no one complained about it.



I sent a mail with screenshot of this to support@mapillary.zendesk.com in June.
On my new phone this specific half-white seems to be fixed. However, there’s another bug: look at the whitespace on the left and on the bottom, the same thing is still happening on my new phone:

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So since June there is no progress? …

@asturksever any progress dear ?