Bug Report: Zoom level of 12 and above not showing 4 day old + images

I am working on an area trying to map all the alleys and lane ways which are both numerous and look identical in a town called Karon. Zoom out and you can see the images however zoom level 12 and above has not refreshed even though some of the images have been uploaded around 4 days ago and can be seen in Editor ID with the Mapillary data source added as well as JOSM.

Can we check the re-rendering of tiles zoom level 12 and above please.

Is this using the mapbox streets basemap or the openstreetmap basemap?

Hi @gness - This occured on all backgrounds and on a separate computer just in case it was a local caching issue.

In Safari on Mac using this address I can turn onand off “my coverage” but cannot turn off or on or even see “all coverage”

Details are
version is 12.0
Operating System: Mac OS (10.13.6)
Browser Engine: WebKit (605.1.15)

I’m sure someone from Mapillary can confirm but, it looks like they (quite rightly) run their own tile rendering server. So they may have had a hiccup rendering an area.

As for the sequences being plotted onto the map, I have tended to see delays in areas that are already crowded with other imagery. I suspect it is as it likes to try and stitch different sequence photos together so you can get the direction arrows that allow you to look left… and takes you to a different sequence.

Anyway, these are my ideas. Sorry they’re not much help! I’m sure support@mapillary.com will get back to you if it is still being a problem.

Hey, I totally understand what you mean now.

A sequence that was uploaded a few says ago is not showing up as a line overlaid on the map when you zoom in past zoom level 12/13.
When zoomed out, you can see the sequence line. It is not visible otherwise.