(Bug Report) Logged out everytime I close down the app

Every time I close the android app down, I’m logged out of my account. I am using a Samsung S22 Ultra, and Android 13. The app version is 2023.01.26-5.10.15

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thanks for the report. That’s pretty serious. I would try to help. Could you please gather logs from your device?

How to do that:

  1. In setting, navigate to “developer” and then “Save debug logs to a file”
  2. Then close the app and open again (to restart the app and log the issue).
  3. Send the logs in direct message (the forum must have direct messages).

PS also, could you confirm that in the phone settings, in the tab Manage Account (or accounts, depends on the brand) you have your mapillary user? Probably you would have other accounts in there, like gmail, messagener/fb, whatsapp etc.

PSS Maybe you have multiple Mapillary accounts in there (in accounts), then you could delete both and login again (maybe one is broken somehow).

BR, Yaro

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Thank you for your response!

I will send you the logs now. In accounts I did have my account, but I was also logged into another account. I deleted them both and logged back in, and now the app works as intended, so thank you :+1:

Best Regards

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