[Bug] Distorted Images

Mapillary Android v5.5.34
Image location : -6.29497, 106.99808

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Have seen almost the exact distortion and hang when using the Mapillary “display” using Firefox and the OSM ID editor after some time of use. I assume that that the API times out after perhaps an hour of connect time.

Hi @Rtnf, thank you for reporting it. I have played around and found that it happens only for some devices. Currently, I have discovered a similar behaviour for my Samsung, but not for my 1plus. On iOS and in the web app the images I’ve seen works well. We have files a task and prioritizing it now.

Best Regards, Yaro

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This type of distortion happens also on web app. Never on first displayed image, but you need to follow the sequence little bit. It only happens in heavy corrected images like gopro fisheye. The image position gets blocked and you cannot pan it, like here 360 photo example:

Then only reloading webpage helps.

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I have seen this on Opera + iD and it’s easiest to reproduce by moving/zooming the photo in Mapillary window, then moving along the sequence. There’s a good chance it will get stuck in a bad distortion for the rest of the session. If the photo is not zoomed/moved or restored to roughly the default position, then it usually does not bug out. Hope that helps.

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@Rtnf it looks like the image becomes normal if you move it (i.e. look around). Submitted the issue to our pool. For now, there is no clear understanding on why this is happening.

@masterofnoroad could you please share the link to the sequence (just copy the link in the browser)?