Best Practices for GoPro Usage with iOS App

I’ve been experimenting with the GoPro, taking some sequences around my area over the past few days. Overall first impression is that this integration is extremely useful!

Since this is new, I am wondering if users want to collaborate here on best practices for shooting GoPro sequences with the app. A few things I’ve noticed to start.

  • The suction cup hood mount with a tether is excellent. More on this.
  • I’ve been using 1.5 second delay, but I may recommend 1 second. What have other been using?
  • The app will “fail” to take a photo every once in a while, but I cannot seem to figure out how to avoid this.
  • I have found that after resetting, it is best to turn of the LCD display to save battery. Otherwise the GoPro (Hero4 only) shows a review version of every shot after each one, taking up some battery.
  • Don’t use the USB to computer charger during a transfer, as it will disable the GoPro wifi.

What have you all found to be successful?

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Thanks for the report! I agree, using an action cam mounted on the hood produces really excellent photos (no windscreen and no car hood in the way). From now on, this will pretty much be the only way I’ll be taking photos myself.

  • If possible, use 0.5s as more images is always better, but takes up more space. I have a 64 Gb iPhone so it’s not a problem for me, but I realise most people have 16 Gb.
  • I find placing it on the front of the hood the best. That way I can put it straight forward, otherwise I have to tilt it a bit upwards to avoid the car hood.

On related news: I have now added support for Hero3 cameras and also Garmin VirbX and VirbXE. I have also added a high-speed mode using time-lapse, which means you can get down to 0.5 second intervalls. Also a bunch of stability improvements and the ability to delete app data manually. All of this will be out in the next version of the app.

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