Badlink - failed uploads

I am currently using the CLI tools (only) to upload BlackVue Vids. I don’t use the desktop uploader.

Failed upload email alerts come with a link that doesn’t work. I am prompted to browse files for uploading through the desktop uploader…


Hello bob3bob3,

It looks like images in the import session failed to get processed with the following reasons:

We have found an old, unfinshed upload from you and moved it to failed uploads. This happens automatically after 14 days if you don’t finish an upload.

(pre-xx applied so link not followed in post.)

Not overly worried as these were probably crash restart leftover fragments, but it would be nice if it worked.

“Unfinished” is also spelt wrong.

I believe it’s mostly related to uploads that are interrupted as I found these popping up like crazy when my external SSD was disconnecting mid-upload. I reported the typo a while back and never saw any changes. Hopefully, additional voices will get it resolved.

Yes true, but the problem is that the uploader GUI lists them as “can be checked”, but doesn’t present anything useful beyond just the pulldown list of those affected. I might for example want to delete those failed fragments but can’t.