Anyone from Australia?

Is there anyone else from Australia?

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Aussie in Sweden although that doesn’t help much.
Need to see how the OSM community is doing down there.

I am from Melbourne. How about you?

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Hey @Mander,
Have you tried mapping Melbourne’s CBD at all? I’m wondering what the GPS fix will be like in laneways and main streets (Bourke, Swanston, Collins, LaTrobe etc.)

No. I expect the GPS data is metres off.
I’m more interested in bike trails and hiking tracks rather than street views

@Mander Plenty in Vic to map in that regard.

I’m from Engadine, NSW. There is a lot of things to add to OSM in my area. Compared to level of details added in Europe, for example Germany, there is a lot of details to add. Been adding buildings and addresses in my area so far. There is still a number of missing street names to add. Mapillary photos can help with adding street names, POIs locations and house numbers.


Really positive to hear someone committed to improving OSM in Australia @maxim75. Do you have much to do with other OSMers in Oz?

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I’m from The Blacktown, NSW area and am a member of a group that maps walking tracks in the Blue Mountains to produce an overlay to load over existing Garmin GPS maps.
I also do a bit of adding other objects and tidying up OSM.


That’s really cool @riblit . Would be awesome to see some of the Blue Mountains :wink:

Howdy - Adelaide based here with a bit of bris visiting

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Howdy all,
Inner Melbourne here and just got my hands on a loan Garmin Virb that I am still learning about (it tends to fall back to video mode if you don’t know what you are doing).

I am looking at mapping parts of Melbourne by bike and car and then Dandenongs by car and the Alpine region in spring when the roads dry out a bit. Can anyone recommend a decent external camera mount for a car?


Hi @skillsy,
With the Garmin cradle any GoPro accessory should work. The official one is expensive but you get what you pay for. I forgot to attach mine properly on the Italian Autostrade and it came off at 120 km/h with only a small scratch (no GoPro inside). Any similar mount on eBay should also work and they’re a lot cheaper. I can order in a few to Sweden and test them. Not sure how secure they will be.

Thanks for the reply and kind offer however I am going to try a few things first.

I am going to look at a safety tether for the Garmin Virb and test it out in the hills at reduced speed. The current suction cap locked extremely solidly internally so hopefully it does the job outside.

I’m just getting too much of the car in the image from inside.

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Have a look at this topic on the forum:

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As I mentioned in another topic GoPro suction cup will suit your Garmin Virb. Never fell of after riding more than 2000 km with GoPro/Xiaomi Yi mounted outside. I’ve been mapping Sydney and areas south of Sydney so far, nice to see people from Victoria joining :slight_smile:

Check this video with camera mounted outside


This is perfect @maxim75. It looks fantastic :slight_smile:

Adelaide here. Old Panamario user and contributed a lot to OpenStreetMap over the years. @clockwerx and I aren’t far from each other.

I’m into photography and when moving i’m always WiGLE WiFi scanning and capturing with Mapillary (during the day).

I originally found Mapillary while editing in OpenStreetMap.


That’s awesome Didz. Always happy to hear of more contributors in Aus.

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I have captured a fair bit of this area so far. Unfortunately I never did before construction started but it should look quite different once it is all completed.

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