Anyone from Australia?


Great sequences @Didz!


Just joined and in Tasmania - noticed a definite lack of images from this state! Looking to start in my local area (Seven Mile Beach).

I have a Contour 2+ GPS camera which I am hoping I can use for 1 second images as I drive around. Just need to work out a suitable mount. I have a range of RAM mounts for various devices inside the car but not sure how much I would trust them on the bonnet of the car!


The ram mount suction cup isn’t as good as the GoPro suction cup. But with the right adaptor you can combine it with ram mount or other cameras


I ended up using an aerial mount and a short connector. I will try it out and see how it goes. May be a little too shaky for good images.

I cant seem to load an image of my setup as I am a ‘new user’. Not sure when that changes.

Experience with mounting a camera outside a car

Just joined, I’m in Melbourne. Lots of gaps that I’m keen to help out filling :slight_smile:


There is now an Australian category in Local Community Groups.


Welcome @philam - Good to see another Melbourne mapper. Let me know if you need some tips


We’ve got a Meetup and Slack group going for Maptime Melbourne and other chapters around Australia - welcome to join if you like!