403 UPLOAD Error

Followed the steps for mapillary_tools and it seems to work. Upload started and no more 403 errors so far. Hope it stays this way!


Thanks for your insight! Under these circumstances the lack of response is completely understandable. Hopefully Mapillary will increase support resources soon to reduce your work load and to provide better feedback towards their community.


Hi Brenna @Brenna

You may wish to take this to a PM.

Is there any viable way to avoid the --rerun step? (mapillary_tools Linux) I have about 500,000 images on a remote upload PC and perhaps 300,000 on a local hard drive that have already been through the process step and a --rerun is going to be near impossible. Can auth for a specific user be temporarily disabled? Perhaps rsync the structure to the Mapillary server and copy from there?


I’m using a really old custom version of the tools, and it uses the MAPILLARY_SIGNATURE_HASH and MAPILLARY_PERMISSION_HASH. Is it possible to still use these tools, and if so, did the hashes change? Where would I find those?

EDIT: Never mind, I figured out that the new tools are compatible with most of my old process. Hopefully I can integrate them into my fun bash script.


We’ve just released a new version Desktop Uploader v1.2.3 and tools adding a more permanent fix , so the above steps are not necessary for the desktop uploader uploader. Upload 1.2.3 and report back if there are any issues.

@bob3bob3 - send me an email support@mapillary.com and I’ll try to find out what options we have with the dev team. Thanks!

Yes it works.