Your Mapillary week in numbers emails

We would love to get your feedback on the weekly activity email that we are sending out.


There was a discussion on our GitHub issues with initial thoughts on this topic.

What I’d love to see are drivers that encourage both quality photos and quantity. Some people are motivated by one, some by the other. All suggestions are welcome!

In the best case scenario contributers are motivated to both. :wink:
I suggest that they should come out of their vehicles, step on their bike or go for a hike so we get better and more detailed sequences and map CO2-neutral. :sunflower:


I’ll claim to try for both. I know some of my sequences are utter crap, but I hope that the good ones make up for it. In most cases, the only reason I bother uploading the bad ones are because they’re an area I know I won’t be back to any time soon, and doubt anyone else will visit soon, either, usually because they’re rural areas.

There are also roads I drove on and ended up with what I’d call a poor sequence, and later went back through and was able to shoot a better one. I’d like to see a way that my poor sequence could be downvoted so that it didn’t get used much, even to fill in gaps and make navigation smoother; perhaps with a filter control when users are following a road that would allow them to select the quality level they want.



Imo it’s better to have a sequence that is rather crap, then no sequence. That’s from the point of view from using Mapillary for OSM.

Thanks for taking part of the discussion. Love the idea with upvoting and downvoting. Lets see what we can do with that.


The problem mentioned in the github issue was that the weekly mails focus to much on quantity. For people that more like to have qualitative motivators it can be demotivating to get the idea that they are part of a community were quantity equals status. Especially when that quantity is easily influenced by contributing crap.

My theory is that most people are affected by quantitative motivators in some degree (sometimes more than they like to admit), but also find it childish to be affected to much by it.

A practical solution is to present the quantitative motivators as stats in stead of achievements. Also give more different stats, everyone has something else were he/she is/likes to be good at. Also showing stats over time gives much more/better information.

Another point mentioned before in this discussion is that there aren’t any qualitative motivators. The problem is that quality is much harder to filter out by a machine. But I have to say that the nicest motivators I received since I started using Mapillary were comments from other users.

My solution would be to give the users more tools to compliment each other, like the up/down-vote system already suggested by several users. Other ideas are a comment section on user pages or a compliment button on photos and/or sequenses.
The compliment button would pop-up a dialog, similar to the “flag photo” dialog to let the complimenting user chose between “nice photo”, “this belongs on the front page”, “thanks for mapping this place” or “user defined” etc…


Many great suggestions. Thanks!

The email was a very first version to try to recognise the great work our users are doing. We are going to continue to develop the email but also create a much better plattform on the profile pages to follow progress. We would also like to create a better plattform for members to give recognition to each other so hopefully that will come soon too. I will add your suggestion to the project and hopefully we can make something great of them. We’d be happy to receive more feedback when we have a first version ready for it.

Again, thanks for providing input. Very much appreciated!

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A famous internet platform dedicated to turism does something like that: in the recap emails they send, you have the number of places you have rated, and also the number of times a user found one of your reviews useful out of the total number of times these reviews were viewed.

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Perhaps would be cool if you could see how much uncovered ground you have covered in the last week, I’d say that is a quality measure. Meters are meters, but uncovered meters are beter I think.


The compliment system could be a nice idea, but those kind of votes-systems (especially with photography) is prone to nepotism. As a fervent photographer I’m a member to several sites with those kind of voting-systems and I mention that nepotism is more or less present by all those kind of voting-systems.

My needs : i would like to sort my sequences with flags or stars in order to promote great sequences by myself. We should have a visual indicator or the quality of the sequences in the profile. There should also be a voting/compliment system in order to vote for sequences from other contributors

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Won’t fueling all those hikes lead to a lot of extra methane being released? :wink:

I prefer walking and biking. The car photos are largely because I’m already going from point A to B with it, so I may as well get some pictures.

What happened with the Your Mapillary week in numbers email?
I have been a bit inactive over winter, but now I uploaded some sequences again and noticed I don’t get the weekly email anymore. Even the weekly stats are not generated on the stats page.

What happened?

Edit: tonight I got one again :slight_smile:

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So let’s just pretend nothing happened, right? :wink: But more seriously, we will make sure to keep them coming, despite the gap that occurred.

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The email should be a driver to “What can I do next week”

How about a table of other recent contributors who are doing sequences near by so you feel part of the community and can see how they are working.

Is there a way to rate sequence density for larger cities and have a league table as well?

Just a couple of thoughts

What happened to this weeks mail? I did not get one, anyone else missing the mail?
@katrin , do you know anything about this?

Sorry for the little irregularity in schedule! We will get back on track. Nice to know you are looking forward to them (:

@skillsy, I like those ideas. What could I do would be a handy tool. I’m not sure it could be done in an email without that tool existing. Maybe something more basic like “we noticed you mapped in X neighborhood last week. Click here for roads in that area that haven’t been mapped”?

I’m curious what sequence density is. Do you mean coverage for a corridor or street? Something else?


I really like this too! I have put in our great ideas document and hopefully we can do something smart with it. Thanks!