Mapillary JOSM Plugin Feedback

Hello Mapillary users! This thread is a place to post feedback about the Mapillary plugin for JOSM. Add a comment here with any issues you have, any feature requests, discussions of existing useful features, and bug reports or crash details. I will lead the Mapillary team discussions about JOSM topics so we can directly see your feedback and use it to plan the next generation of tools.

  • Chris
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Hey Chris – check this out:

From user @SviMik.

I was thinking about building this type of functionality into Map the Paths, but maybe there is interest from Mapillary to take on?

I remember mapillary once offered a point cloud view on their website. Might it be possible to project the point cloud to 2D to get a map layer? Similar to the features layer, but with much more raw geometry points. That could help a lot with mapping where current orthophoto or satellite imagery is not (yet) available, or where trees cover the top view. Those points would either have object color or be colored according to machine learning classification. My hope would be that one can see structures from this new map layer, but of course I am not sure if this actually can work.

Hey, @SviMik has done some really inspiring work. We have no plan or capacity on Mapillary side to build anything like this but as always I am able to help answer questions on developer resources.

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Turns out someone is building this already: