Computed_* fields for Image endpoint

What do the computed_* fields represent - as opposed to their non-computed counterparts? More importantly for my scenario: should I go for these fields, are they supposed to be more accurate?

I see that with the exception of the rotation field, all “computed_*” fields undergo “image processing”. What would that be? I looked a bit over the OpenSFM -, but still can’t tell. I assume some calculations are done based on multiple parameters, thus I’d better rely on the computed_* fields for greater accuracy, but just wanted to be sure…

At least do not use computed_geometry. In my experience it is worse than the original geometry.

See also Mapillary JOSM Plugin Feedback - #5 by enteq

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@eserte ok, thanks!

Thanks a ton for your response!

You are asking for an opinion about your scenario and yet you do not tell what your scenario is? :confused:

Sorry for not giving more context. I just wanted to underline what you already said.

Because accuracy seems to be so paramount in your scenario

I would want the data to be as accurate as possible.