Wrong orientation for images


I’ve uploaded my first batch and I found out it mostly sucks :stuck_out_tongue:
Images are 180° rotated, and in my review I’ve been too gentle, some images have really poor quality…

But I haven’t found a way to edit or delete my uploads. In the image details I can edit blurs, edit sequence, but I found no way to rotate or remove the image.

Where can I find such tools?


There is a bug on this at https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/1925 . It is great if you will add your comment to the bug to keep it alive.

Currently there are no tools to delete photos, but they are working on them.

hm. can I ping someone here to have images deleted?

I just saw in My pictures are rotated that @katrin can help rotating the pictures :smile:

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Hey @maxxer - @tryl is correct, I can help get it done until we release the functions for users to do this themselves. Deletions are close, and our team has also started working on automatically detecting rotated images and fixing them.


  • for the rotations, please send me links to the rotated sequences (either post here or send to support@mapillary.com),
  • for the deletions, send links to the images/sequences you need deleted, and mark for each whether it’s just a single image or does the whole sequence need to go.

If for esthetic reasons you want a looooot of single images deleted then I would like to ask you to wait until we release the delete function to make the process simpler for everyone. =) But if it’s about privacy or something similarly urgent then we’re happy to take it on asap.

I have also found some of my sequences have been rotated 90 degrees. The sequences before and after were fine, and they all appeared okay on the phone before I uploaded them. These are the links to the ones affected, that I collected on 13-08-16 with my Samsung Galaxy S6. (sequence key / link to first image)

  1. A8kVHUNeEI8YmhvF8HfGmg http://mapillary.com/map/im/63r85I1oTh8mF7jUfEEmxg
  2. xcJbDyzKMiNJXbluhgXlxQ http://mapillary.com/map/im/ox9Z5irdG8ng6zHcWMA-bA
  3. BMQfCq2Ye1TKJyhxHwKDgQ (can’t post link)
  4. 03fde_kIh16URwX_hUwkAg (can’t post link)
  5. A5hAh1MMwxT5O5Ny8RftTw (can’t post link)

It would be great if someone could sort these for me. I see that the app has been updated this week, so hopefully this bug is fixed.

@katrin, can you help @Hobgoblin with rotated pics?

Thanks for pinging @tryl!

@Hobgoblin, I’ll have it done!

Unfortunately we still don’t know the root cause for the 90 degrees rotation problem. We hope to have fixed the 180 degrees rotation problem though. Also, an algorithm to automatically detect rotated sequences and request fixing is in the works so you wouldn’t have to notify us every time this happens. Will take some time to get it going, but I believe it will help a lot. And of course we’ll keep digging into the cause of the problem as well!