Rotate pictures

I had a temporary mental disorder :dizzy_face: and didn’t notice that the pictures I collected while driving was rotated. I cannot find any way to rotate them neither in the Android app nor on the web. Can you help me? Here are one of the sequences: e5rf0joaayrqo5r1h28f2u


@floke Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

@katrin thanks, I’ve waited for a while but the rotated pictures are still there in sequence:
this sequence also needs rotating:

@katrin I still haven’t seen any rotation. Should I request these sequences to be deleted?

Hi @floke - sorry, I was on holiday. I submitted rotation edits to these sequences but it looks like they haven’t gone through. Might have been just some temporary database glitch. I will try once more now, let’s give it a day but if still not correct tomorrow, I’ll ask for developer help to look into what’s going on.

@floke Looks like it finally worked. If you have any more of those, please report here: