Who is this contributor Microsoft?

I’d like to hear something from the contributor Microsoft who can contribute 10 times what I do.
There is a separate section of the leaderboards for corporations.
If this is Bill Gates then I’d like him to come forth and introduced himself.
He or she was atributted 200,000 images in the last week, ten times what I was able to do.
I just want to hear something from this individual.

The answer is on the Mapillary Blog:
Microsoft Donates Imagery to Help with Disaster Recovery in Texas and Florida

In the Netherlands the city of Amsterdam also uploaded a large number of images.

Also: Organizations in leaderboard/toplist
But both Microsoft and Amsterdam are being classified as “User”, not as “Organization”.

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I would even daresay that the answer is in the answers to the Mapillary blog.

I just think the calculation was made by adding Apple’s and oranges.

I’m planning to travel to Miami in next couple of weeks and thought I’d take a look at the coverage in the city and was surprised to discover that Micosoft has covered practically every single street (in both directions) for the whole of Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach area.

Granted the images were captured in 2015, but still, I’ve suddenly lost the enthusiasm for capturing imagery when I go there.

It was mentioned in the Mly blog. There was a disaster in that area and Microsoft donated these images for the good cause.

See the previous messages in this thread.

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Hi @filipc, yes of course, I’ve read the blog and I know why it was done. My point was that, because the area I’m going already have such extensive coverage it doesn’t make me want to map the roads, even though the imagery that’s uploaded are already 3 years old.

In fact, I’ve found no other individual has added any imagery in the area already covered by Microsoft (in Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, at least) which in itself is surprising and makes me wonder whether individual contributions are allowed in the regions where organisations have contributed.

I don’t want to waste my time capturing and uploading when the system is going to reject them.

Does anyone know?

Several of the towns in Ohio have mapped all the streets going both ways within their jurisdiction.
I map right on through. My pictures may show something they missed.
None of the town work is as old as Microsoft down in Floria.

It was because you are rather new here that I dared assume you did not know.
But on the contrary, you know more than I do.
I also use Mapcreator sometimes.

Things change. Fresh data and change over time is always helpful.

And, if you like trains, no one’s mapped the stations and train runs of Brightline yet.

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There is nothing wrong with covering an area already covered in the past.

It helps gather more data including any changes and can make the time travel function work too.

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Yeah spot on. Having the same road captured every day would a wonderful problem to have and help our 3D reconstructions and detection of objects.
The only issue at this point would be choosing which imagery should be displayed to the end-user by default. Oh and our storage bill :wink:

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