Which areas to map? How to get it?

I can’t confirm that it happens with other apps. AFAICT, it only seems to be Mapillary.

The shooting itself seems to work well for me, both on iphone and ipad.
But sometimes when I try to upload the pics, using a shaky connection, the app freezes and I need to restart it. So now I try to wait until I reach either a 4G area or a wifi, before uploading.

@JackTheRipper and @Patrick, feel free to open issues on Github if you feel there are systematic errors.

Hi Jack in Georgia, here’s another boring sequence from Oregon, a trip to the landfill.

Everything is interesting.


Updated URL for MapRadar: https://geoclub.de/mapillary/mapradar.html (using https because Chrome wants it so)


What an excellent site, I didn’t know it!

Is it possible to get a symbol or similar, of what direction a specific road is mapped?

For instance, I drove a road tonight where I had to look in the roundabouts to see that it was mapped in the opposite direction but not in mine. My phone storage is limited so I wanted to make the best out of my trip, so I mapped in the direction I was going, but not when I drove home again.

A small arrow in each direction, and maybe another color if it’s mapped using a 360 cam, is that possible? :smile:

I’d be happy to implement an arrow at the end of the line to show the direction of the vectors i get from Mapillary, but I am using OpenLayers3 and don’t see a style like this in the docs: http://openlayers.org/en/v3.16.0/apidoc/ol.style.Stroke.html

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@Rbracket, I can’t say I’ve made that trip before :laughing:

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Nice one @moenk!

Is there a way to send a coordinate to the map, to create a link to a specified location?

Not yet - it would be easy to include with PHP, but this would mean I’d have to change the extension and it wouldn’t be pure HTML/CSS/JS as it is now. Maybe you it with a copy and replace the lat/lon from the center of Berlin to something like $_REQUEST[‘lat’] and ‘lon’ in PHP-brackets.

Hey, I’ve seen a map before where someone explained/described exactly this. He generated map that highlighted the roads that have already Mapillary coverage. He then used this map on his tablet while driving about to cover new roads. Unfortunately I don’t remember the website. If I do I’ll post a link here.

I am still looking for some kind of offline map tracking software so I keep track in real time what roads I have done and what to do next for my Android tablet that has GPS. Sometimes I am driving where there is no cellphone coverage and unexpected weather/traffic may change my planned route.

Here are the sites you’re looking for:



Unfortunately, the 1st one no longer has access to its underlying map tiles, so it is kinda useless until the developer fixes that. (He was using MapQuest instead of OSM for some reason.)

@seb, @Caboosey, here’s the original forum thread on the subject of ‘live’ Mapillary coverage while out and about.

A completely offline solution might be to create a giant gpx file with a point for every point in a selected area. It can be fed to OsmAnd, which has offline (OSM) maps. It would require some programming and I don’t know the limit of points that OsmAnd can handle. The upate process would also be very manual: Create the file on a computer and copy it to a phone, then selecting it in OsmAnd. Would that be too much?

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Fixed :smile:
Is anybody using it?

Yes, I use it periodically. It’s especially useful when I don’t have time to pre-plan a route.


Thank you @tryl That be great. I will look into that. I forgot about OsmAnd.

In https://github.com/simonmikkelsen/gpxutils you can find area-to-gpx.py
You give it the coordinates of a box area and a filename, and then it downloads all sequences in that area and creates a single gpx-file.

Todo: Remove points out of the box and an algorithm to reduce the number of points further.

Let me know what you think :smile:
Note: You can generate the client ID on your mapillary-profile.
I plan to ask Mapillary if they want any of the scripts in the official repo.