Which areas to map? How to get it?

I just updated the code with gpx-clean.py. It can clean out bad points, but it also has functions to reduce the number of points in a GPX file drastically - a factor 30 i my test cases.

python gpx-clean.py --all input.gpx out.gpx

will usually create a much much smaller out.gpx where the lines between points covers pretty much the same area. There are arguments for reducing more or less too.

Better this one: https://geoclub.de/mapillary/mapradar.html - Chrome now needs https for GPS.

That’s why I’ve started using Opera for some things

I ordered an SSL-certificate for my website, so now it is Mapradar and gps function should work again with Chrome.

Does anybody know a better way to get the mapillary roadnet in the map? The one I use doesn’t get updated so often and that makes it less usefull

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I want to be able to explore the mapillary map while driving so I can plan my mapping route based on which streets are not mapped yet

This would be very useful.

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The two websites above work well for me. You can also add a Mapillary layer in OsmAnd.


This week I have a run up to Hillsboro Wisconsin. I see that I have yet to go up there since I started with Mapillary. There are lots of Panoramio pictures showing with the straight green lines between. I look forward to maping this virgin area.
The green line map has become a major part of my trip planning.


The shooting itself seems to work well for me, both on iphone and ipad.. .

I am interested in some pictures from russia/caucasus area