Velomobile Mount

Hi everyone,
I am looking for help with the design of a mount for my velomobile.
I’ve previously installed a solar panel using two bolts which can be repurposed to hold this new mount.
You can see a photo of the velomobile here , the front is to the left.

I would like the mount to be capable of holding more than a phone , more of a sensor platform.
I recently ordered a motorcycle security DVR with forward and rear facing cameras and hope the design of this mount will accommodate the front facing camera.
We have a local company that can manufacture aluminium items -
Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

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I use duct tape to mount my cameras. All cameras I use have a 1/4" tripod mount so I can use some standard cheap things like a swivel head from AliExpress. I’ve made a few glass fiber pieces that follow the curve of my velomobile. I then tape that to the velomobile. I also made a plastic/aluminium plate but I find the glass fiber workd better. For the rear viewing camera I mounted a standard gopro adhesive to the back. I’ve some pictures that hope explain this.

There are many photo’s on mapillary that show the set up . I hope this helps.



Hi @peewee32,
Sorry I haven’t replied sooner , I assumed I would get a notification of replies from the site but didn’t seem to.
Thanks for the mounting suggestions , I will see what I can put together.
You are not using a phone to capture the images ?
These other camera’s have built-in GPS ?
Any camera models you can recommend ? It would be nice to have an external power port.
Your Strada is such a beautiful colour !

@markwaters No I am not using a phone. I have 2 xiaomi yi action cams and a xiaomi misphere 360 cam. None of these have build in GPS. The Misphere can record location when you keep your smartphone connected, It then takes the phone’s location. I use a garmin GPS to record the track. I use the track information to add GPS data to all the images. I use javawa fotogeotag to do this but there are other tools that also do the trick.

I can recommend the Xiaomi yi because it is cheap, reliable, takes nice photos and can shoot and charge (via battery pack) simultaniously. I can also recommend the MiSphere eventhough the 2 second interval is more like 4 seconds. In speedy velomobiles a 2 second would be nice. Still waiting for a firmware update to solve this. It can also shoot while charging.


@markwaters Forgot to mention that my 360 images from before october 2017 are taken with the LG360. Also a nice (and cheap) camera but the image quality is less then the Misphere. I’ve made a video on how you could use the misphere for mapillary