Use of Mapillary car mount

I recently received my Mapillary car mount and installed it inside my car :grinning:.

Indeed, I don’t find it very useful for installing and uninstalling my smartphone (5") in it. Although I don’t have the feeling of having big finger, it is difficult to take away the two parts of the mount and move the smartphone inside/outside at the same time.

Do you have any hint for an easier installation/uninstallation of smartphone in the mount?

I usually hold the phone with my right hand to rest the upper edge of the phone against the top part of the mount bracket. Then with my left hand I rest the bottom edge of the phone on my index and pull the bottom of the bracket with the thumb. With the bracket widened I slide the phone into place, release the bottom of the bracket and it’s done.

Then to adjust the position of the phone to avoid having the mount in the picture I position the thumb and index fingers on the left of the mount bracket, and push the phone to the left using the middle finger.

The important part is that with this method I never exert any force that would rip the mount from the windshield.

Thanks for your tips. You’re right, my first concern was to avoid ripping the mount from the windshield. But trying to enlarge simultaneously the two parts of the mount at the same time was not a good practice.