Upload stops on slow connection iOS 12

Why does upload stop by itself on the slow connection in the country side (200-400kb/s)? When I resume it, it starts from the beginning even is 150Mb have been uploaded already. It is realy important to resume the upload and not start again because it is pain to start from the start on a slow connection and wait again for an hour. Sometimes you get a decent speed only at one spot and you need to go but the upload stopped and won’t resume!

Same problem, both with desktop uploader and mapillary tools. It starts with parallel uploads, and when one for whatever reasons stops, it won’t resume. Once all of the parallel uploads have stopped, nothing will upload anymore, until the process is manually relaunched. It has always been that way. On a fast connection usually the upload of the whole bath is completed before everything stalls, but on a slow connection there’s no way.

How I miss the webuploader!