Upload previously captured photos

On the desktop version of the website you can upload photos (with gps) that you’ve tken previously. This is not possible in the Android App but would be a great feature to have.

Since the integration with OsmAnd people who search for a place with OsmAnd can see pictures from there (provided by mapillary) but cannot conteibute a new (or the first) picture of that place if they are not standing right in front of it… (In case they want to use the app from their smartphones where most todays pictures are stored on)

Am I overseeing something in the app or is this important feature still missing? If yes, I highly request that feature and are open to any tipps how to upload previously captured photos from my mobile phone!


You are overseeing the HDOP.

Thanks for the fast reply, but what does HDOP stand for? Sorry…

Нельзя ли в интерфейс загрузчика сразу добавить угол обзора? У меня есть много хороших фотографий без gps- данных.

With the web uploader, you can set all that. Images without a location tag can be dragged and dropped into position, and a compass angle can be added.

Искреннее спасибо! Видимо он(компас/угол обзора) не так заметен и удобен, как в редакторе последовательностей. Поищем…

Jacob, никак не могу найти этот компас. Можно скриншот “вашего” интерфейса:point_up_2: ?