Upload image error on the uploader

The last few days when I try to upload images, every image gives me an error.
Before that, there was no error when uploading images taken with the same camera.
—error message —
d:**\image.jpg: The rdf:Description XML element for the image not found
—error message —
(Folder path and filename are abbreviated.)

The log file said “MapillaryEXIFNotFoundError” as the error type, but the image file also contains GPS data and Exif information.

Why am I getting this error?

Hi! Can you share one of the images you’re trying to upload with us so we can debug the issue? Also, the log file would help (it’s under Help → Logs). Thanks!

Hi, nikola.
Thank you for your comment.
I put the jpg and log files to the folder linked below.
The log of the time around “2023-08-11 17:53” is for this file.


Hi! When testing with your image, it seems to work and the image is placed on the map correctly. But, based on your logs, the app has trouble with the characters in your folder names and, as a result, might not able to find the right file in your folder. Can you test by placing your images into a new folder and make sure the path contains only latin characters to verify that this is indeed the issue?

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Thank you for your quick response, nikola.

I put the file in a folder with only Latin characters and then tried uploading it. Then it did indeed upload successfully.
However, in the past, I was able to put it in the Japanese characters folder and upload it. So I don’t know why the error suddenly occurres.

Anyway I figured out how to make it upload successfully, I will upload from the Latin characters folder for a while.

Thank you.

Thanks for the update! It’s great that you can continue to upload. We’ll look into fixing our support for non-latin characters in file paths.