Upload external jpeg files in from the Android App like Desktop uploader?

Hello to all,

Is there a way to import photos from an external 360° camera with the Android app (v5.3.7) when you don’t have a desktop computer at hand? if not, is it planned to add this function? In short, like Uploader for Desktop but for Android
I use a Gopro Max 360° camera ( Caméra d'action MAX 6K étanche à 360 degrés avec kit | GoPro) which produces a georeferenced jpeg file per 360° image so everything is ready to be transferred and the SD card can easily be read directly by the smartphone via the USB-C port and an external card reader. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to transfer these jpeg files via the application or via a script from Android to my knowledge… Has anyone found a solution?

I have not tried this personally (I use mapillary_tools to upload GoPro Hero5 and Max images from a Linux PC) but with some work it seems like you can run the command line mapillary_tools under Android and use that to upload images. See Installing mapillary_tools on an Android device