Updates to Mapillary Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Hi folks,

You will be getting an email to your Mapillary email address about updates to the Mapillary Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Here’s what the email says:

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We’re making a few updates to the Mapillary Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our content policies aren’t changing, but we’re adding information about things like:

  • What actions we take to help keep people safe when using our products
  • What your options are for reporting content or conduct

The updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will go into effect on February 15 and Mapillary Services will now be provided by Meta Platforms Technologies Ireland Limited.

By continuing to use Mapillary Services after February 15, you accept the updates to the Mapillary Terms of Use. If you do not wish to accept, you can choose not to continue using Mapillary Services and delete your Mapillary account.


The Mapillary Team

  • Boris
    Product Manager, Mapillary

Can you highlight the changes?

From a user perspective I think the most significant are:

You can also see the full versions of old terms, new terms and old privacy policy, new privacy policy.


Is there a diff?

We don’t have one ready-made, but you could compare using a diff tool like Diffchecker - Compare text online to find the difference between two text files for example.

This needs fixing

Your use of any User Content provided by other users is subject to the , unless we indicate otherwise.

It’s a shame you are moving from CC-by-SA to CC-by-SA-NC, and failed to point it out as a major change.

@evilbunny - where are you seeing this? There is no license change, in that section the link just changed from “here” to “Creative Commons Share Alike (CC BY-SA) license” to make it clearer what “here” refers to.

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Section 3b

Right, there is no license change there (see my comment above)