Undeleted sequences

On 16 november I asked to delete 12 big and small sequences for a very good reason. Their date is 14 februari 2015.
This has not been done yet.

Same here: several deletion requests from December 6th not processed yet.

also…waiting for many, many edits (delete request, compass corrections). Last edit approved was 29 nov.

I even need deletes for legal reasons.

Explain, what legal reasons?

No, I cannot before it is solved. I invoke the 5th amendment.
You may try to find it, but stay quiet.

@filipc & @manuschwendener & @micmin1972

Just realised we have fallen a bit behind with these. We’ll try and catch up while seeing if we can make the process more efficient.

I have not received an email acknowledgment of reception after two days. Should I redo ?

as far as I can see, my deletion requests are not executed yet.

And how are you guys review such requests anyway? Do you not need a comment from a user why a sequence should be deleted? maybe a dropdown box with some reasons will be helpful, or a comment field?

My reasons to delete one of my own sequences are

  • image quality not satisfactory (due to bad weather, sidewards view at fast speeds, etc)
  • gps logging incorrect or not satisfactory

In case it’s a sequence uploaded by myself, I think you have to trust I can make my own decisions correctly.
But how do you guys judge when I nominate a sequence for deletion from another user, because I noticed a very large error (gps logging more than 1 km off)? So I did nominate such sequence but could not give an explanation why such a sequence should be removed.

I might accidently have passed some military headquarters. And there is no Google Streetview either.