Unblur traffic signs

The automatic blurring sees most signs with names on it (such as street names and travel directions) as number plates and gets blurred. Unfortunately it’s not possible to unblur those. I tried to remove the blur and request the new “disappeared” blur. The request is granted but the photo stays blurred. The only thing that is removed is the box around the blurred image.
Feature request: is it possible to (privately) store the unblurred image as well as the (public) blurred version such that unblur request can work?

By the way, who is checking the validity of the blur request? Is that some kind of automatic tool or is that a human.

After your blur request gets approved (by a human) mapillary has to reprocess the original image again, this takes some time. Also there is the chance that the old version of your photo is still in some cache. The unblurred version will show up soon.
I hope that answers your questions.

Btw, your blur request is appreciated, and will also be used to improve future versions of the blurring algorithm.

My understanding of things in general like the auto blur is that manual intervention is used to help improve the auto blurring software. @de_vries framed as improving the algorithm. I think of it as helping the AI learn. Although I suspect in the computer science world there are some important differences between those two.

@richardbrickman, playing the traffic game will help improve the auto blurring, too. That is, when they have the new one up and running. http://www.mapillary.com/map/games/traffic

@richardbrinkman, I can confirm that @de_vries and @allen have answered your questions really nicely - that is how the process works. Thank you very much for contributions to blurring!

How can I unblur my own pictures, I need them to proceed with OSM mapping, some of the information just got blured, and if I try to remove it, I am getting message that current blurs are pending approval, so I am not able to remove the blurs. Is it temporary thing or will I be able to do the edits.

Sequence here: https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/p46jGuBmIGhaw_2f8wjDVg/photo

Ok, I just need to click clear all blurs and wait at least a day, for the blurs to be removed.

Hi @Blackbird27,
The blur/unblur requests are reviewed by us and approved accordingly. Sometimes it can take a few days but we are trying to be more meticulous.
With using the “Clear all blurs” button you just need to be careful that none of the blurs are on faces or license plates, otherwise we have to decline this request. But if it’s just information on signs then it is not a problem of course.