Traffic signs statistics update?

It seems that the traffic signs are be processed continuously as I can edit them very soon after an upload. But what about the statistics on the profile, how long does it take to update that?


Hi there,

We are just in the process of releasing a complete new traffic sign platform (with other detections to come). While we are working on that stats will no longer update. Rest assure you will soon get even better stats :slight_smile:


I hope, this is a new feature of the new traffic sign platform. At the moment it’s really worst case how to edit (correct) traffic signs :frowning:

@haribo Yes its completely rebuilt from the ground up. You will have much more options on how to edit signs. Backend is also built for better feedback to algorithms.

Hey! What about traffic signs on new Mapillary’s website? There’s no editor, there’s no game…so there is not funny :disappointed:

Salut i mapes

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@yopaseopor we’re on it! Working to bring back the game better than ever and also get editing going. Releasing different functions as we finish them in this huge remake of everything. =)

Is the traffic sign game back yet? If so, where can I find it? :blush:

@aa_blaablaa Currently not. Initially, we thought to just bring it over from the legacy web, but looking at it from a broader perspective, it ties into a number of other things we are working on, and so the time has not yet been right for this.

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Okay :slight_smile: I would really like to play it :slight_smile: what would be cool too is an app like the Google Crowdsource app to enhance your machine learning systems :smiley: