Trafc sign information

Hello everyone,
I dont know if this is the right topic. If not please point me the good one.
I am developing a research on road trafic accidents and would like to create a GIS-shapefile from the trafic signs identification in mappilary.
A good start for this would be to obtain a csv with (x,y) coordinates and type of trafic sign.
Anyone knows how to do this? Anyine want to give some hints?

Depends on how familiar you are with scripting, but the best way (imho) for this is downloading the data through the API. Those responses are in GeoJSON format, which is readable by all modern GIS softwares.
First of all, an API key is needed. You can create one in your Mapillary dashboard.
Then you can download the data, relevant documentation is here: Mapillary API Documentation - Version 3

Here is one example on data downloading: API JSON Limits 100 features - #10 by doduva
It’s for segmentations, but traffic signs work the same way.

If you create an organisation you can download an area as a Shapefile with traffic signs or other asset categories.

The API is definitely more powerful, but it is also due to change imminently.

I am ok with scripting and programming. I will try it out and bring some news on this if you are interested