"This folder does not contain any images"

I have tried multiple versions of the Mapillary upload tool including the latest v2.0.5. I have about 1800 files ready to upload captured form my Blackvue DR900S. I keep dashcam in car and upload every month or so and last upload was sometime in June. One recent attempt to upload did the prep but failed when actually trying to upload. Now, with the folder of all files selected, I get error “This folder does not contain any images”. Any idea here?

Apparently the new uploader does not recognize videos as valid source - or at least those captured with Blackvue cameras.
Since I have changed my workflow to command-line, it’s not a big issue for me personally. However, it would be good to get that functionality back. And maybe some other functionalities, such as dashboard masking?

I have the problem also.

@damnitgetmybeer We added direct upload support on mapillary_tools. We’re still working on bringing Blackvue support back to Desktop Uploader.


Please let me know if you need any support to upload your Blackvue videos with mapillary_tools.