Mapillary_tools 0.8.2 is released!⚡

mapillary_tools 0.8.2 supports direct Blackvue video upload! Now, you can upload your Blackvue captured videos with the upload_blackvue command.

mapillary_tools upload_blackvue "path/to/blackvue_videos/"

Please let us know if you need further support on uploading your Blackvue videos.


Is it true that when Mapillary_tools version jumps, images uploaded with the previous version of _tools from the day of the update will no longer be published?

@Waldemar Just catching up with this thread now. Please, could you share reference where did you find this information? We recommend you to use latest version for better user experience. There was time, we needed to upgrade to Python 3 but this has been done long time ago. Releases · mapillary/mapillary_tools · GitHub

which command can be used ?
i would like to know what possiblity i have when i use the new version with
the parameter “video_progress”.
which that i can extra the jpg… but need to "add2 gpx add the end… how is that working with the new version ?