Python3 BlackVue upload

Just checking

First time I tried to use the tools to upload my Mapillary firmware equipped BlackVue vids in about a year

  • First I get an error about only supporting “Front” which it already is.
    ERROR: Currently, only front Blackvue videos are supported on this command. Please use video_process command for backwards camera videos

  • When I comment out this test in the code it fails unable to find GPS data
    Warning, could not extract gps from video 20210322_123530_NF.mp4 due to a bytes-like object is required, not ‘str’, video will be skipped…

Is anyone successfully using the firmware supplied 1CH BlackVue with the recent P3 tools?

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I guess it’s designed to work with DR900 series only. Are you trying with DR900 produced video?
Make sure you are using correct advance options, esp.
--geotag_source "blackvue_videos"

It is a DR900, supplied by Mapillary under their camera program a couple of years back, then loaded with the custom firmware.

In the past I used the now deprecated local sampling method defining the geotag source, then the Python 2 version of Direct Upload. I have had a fellow mapper uploading my mp4’s for 6 months now using doku. I have however just had the need to upload some for quick use and want to know if it is working for anyone else.

The direct upload help syntax has no gps choice function, but I will try it.

I am using a virtual environment.


Did you solve your issue? I am having similar issues. I have received no response from the Mapillary support email. Tao Peng has been helpful in responding on GitHub but I haven’t managed to successfully upload anything yet.

No not as yet. I see Tao is making many many changes/fixes with master merges, so I think it’s a case of wait.

Hey @danbjoseph @bob3bob3 would you mind send some sample blackvue video to so we can reproduce the issue? Thanks for trying out mapillary_tools.

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sent! thank you.

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Sorry @tao , my email server max’s out at 32MBytes. The vid is about 50MBytes.

Pls get from gdrive


@danbjoseph Latest version of mapillary_tools (0.8.0) supports direct Blackvue video uploads to Mapillary. Have you ever had a chance to try it? You do not need to process Blackvue videos, they will be processed on server-side.

For macOS

  • Install mapillary_tools package for macOS
  • Run below command to directly upload your Blackvue videos

find /DirectoryOftheVideos | xargs -n1 ./mapillary_tools upload

  • Ignore the RuntimeError and wait mapilary_tools to upload all files from your directory
  • Upload summary will be popped up for each uploaded sequence

Please let me know if this helps.