Suction cup replacements

Hi all

Everyone of the windscreen mounts suffered from the melting of the suction cup after a while. I live in the UK where it’s not known for excessive heat.

This resulted in the mount falling off or. I longer sticking to the windscreen, as well as leaving unsightly patch on the windscreen that’s difficult to get rid of.

Has anyone suffered the same fate and if so what’s the solution?

I looked for replacement suction cups on Amazon and eBay but couldn’t find any. The mount themselves are still in good condition so it’s a waste of money having to keep buying new mounts just to get a new suction cup that works.

these are not eternal designs, they are just very cheap mounts to give away. I’ve never seen replacement parts for these cups.
Just get proper rubber cups, gopro or any of the cheaper alternatives

It is the strangest design. It has suction cup like mechanism, but it if you look close, it doesn’t do anything to draw suction. The clamp is only held by that gooey glue, that eventually breaks down.

After a few failed attempts to make the suction cup actually do something. I cut the phone clamp off my last one and glued it to a $3 dent puller bought at Harbor Freight.

That’s the point. Only the first image, the one with the red rubber holder is the free one I got given by Mapillary. The other two I bought myself are (or were) cheap alternatives and they all suffered the same fate.