Looking for a good Car Mount without Gel Pads


I’m looking for a good phone car mount, dashboard or glass doesn’t matter, that is not using gel suction cups.

The reason I’m looking for one without is that I rent my car, and have to demount every time. The one Mapillary ships out is a gel based, and it gets unusable when it gets dirty.

I have a suction cup mount for my dashcam, but I can’t use it to make mapillary images, so I have to find one that works for phones.

Anyone got a good suggestion?

Is the gopro suction cup also “gel” by your definition?
there are pro-level suction cups that are rubber, but I doubt they would be easier to use compared to wiping the normal suction base

I solved this problem by going to the shop and by a GoPro 8 :smiley:

The GoPro mount is not what I call a gel based one, as it’s only rubber. This would be ideal for a phone mount as well, but I will now use the GoPro instead :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s a good solution.
there are phone mounts with a gopro adapter if you need one

I apply a small amount of silicon spray to the rubber then wipe off. This removes dust as well. I have no idea if it causes any material decay, but both of mine have been working for more than 2 years and 120,000km

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Took my GoPro 8 out for a walk today, with their chest strap, and it turned out really good. Looking forward to mapping some of the forest paths with it.

Hope that the car mount works out as good to.