not working no longer works - my browser shows an error about an invalid certificate. If I proceed, I get to a generic Atlassian page.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve made a task for the team to address it.

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May I offer a suggestion? Will anyhow : could forum members who work for Mapillary - this was done at some time in the past - please have their little shield back, the one indicating they’re replying ‘on behalf of work’, please?

Nope, need to coerrect myself here, it still is shown at least with Peter : shows the shield behind the name, and the word ‘Mapillary’

Has there been any progress? It gives a bad impression if the status page itself is broken - it reduces the confidence that the rest of Mapillary is working correctly.


Tried to visit [Privacy error (] ( just a moment ago, in the ‘new’ Edge browser received the following reply :

Your connection isn’t private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards).


RefreshHide advanced uses encryption to protect your information. When Microsoft Edge tried to connect to this time, the website sent back unusual and incorrect credentials. This may happen when an attacker is trying to pretend to be, or a WiFi sign-in screen has interrupted the connection. Your information is still secure because Microsoft Edge stopped the connection before any data was exchanged.

You can’t visit at the moment because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

Not being able to even view the page kind of trumps the page not being updated?

But wait, how about Firefox?

Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue

Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to because this web site requires a secure connection.

What can you do about it? has a security policy called HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), which means that Firefox can only connect to it securely. You can’t add an exception to visit this site.

The issue is most likely with the web site, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the web site’s administrator about the problem.

Learn more…

Web sites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,


View Certificate

Yours puzzled,


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@koninklijke and @jpennycook – we have removed the status page for now, so it will no longer be accessible. Because of changeovers in our system we no longer have it linked to our system, so it has to be offline until further notice. Theoretically we would need to rebuild it for new systems to be monitored but this is not on the near term agenda.

What about the app continually crashing on iOS?

Hi @Matsayz, this is of course a totally separate issue from the status page. The iOS app is luckily going strong and we are making frequent fixes and updates. Please tag me in any forum post if you have a bug report and our team will get on that.

@peter @chrisbeddow If for whatever reason is not coming back then could we please have some sort of progress indicator on processing sequences? I mean, since sequences are subject to certain self contained steps, like segmentation, point feature detection, traffic sign detection, 3D reconstruction, navigation graph building, it would be nice for users and Mapillary staff to know how far along the processing pipeline any particular sequence is. I guess that many if not most support requests are concerned with broken, incomplete, or unprocessed sequences. Having some user exposed indicator that sequence processing has failed would enable users to make an informed decision if and when to contact Mapillary support. Because as for now I am just constantly sitting, waiting, and guessing when is processing of that new sequence that I have uploaded or modified going to complete. And, since I am an external viewer of a dynamic system my guess is always based on a biased vague past processing time experience. In other words, I do not know if or when I should bother Mapillary support. So please, let us have some processing indicator. More specifically, let us have something better than just a number, especially when sequence processing (for whatever reason) errors out or sequences get silently discarded.


I am currently not doing any more bulk uploads to Mapillary because I don’t have any confidence that it is working correctly, especially since a lot of images that I uploaded in December never appeared on the map view. I agree with the point above - without any kind of status indicator, how do I know if Mapillary is going to accept my upload?

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@GITNE I agree, a status indicator is completely useful for so many reasons. I am also a heavy user of Mapillary and appreciate this. While the status page is shut down for now, I think this idea is worth discussing for long term. Our system migration means we need to review everything and rebuild many things, so this is on the list. Your insight here is very useful and I think we should discuss this more together in the coming months, once we get the new systems in place internally.

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@jpennycook yes, I agree that having feedback from Mapillary on status of uploads is valuable. can you tell me more about what specific things in the past were most useful? There is the status page for the system status overall and estimated processing time, but were you also relying on the email notifications about the images being published? It’s good to learn about the best ways we can keep you as a user informed, especially when there is something like a slowdown or error on the server side so you know what to expect.

@chrisbeddow My suggestion that would suit me Chris;

Whenever a user upload is in progress/process, an email twice daily with a status/number of all the current categories. ie how many sitting in the buffer, how many now visible, errors/fatals, how many now have tracks, complete etc. A batch/initial upload date per item would be handy too.

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Emails are fine but tricky to dial in adequately. Basically what @bob3bob3 is asking for (with emails) is logging functionality and user specific stats (email digests). I like/need emails too because they act as a log, an archive, and are a standardized type of notification. However, I am not sure if this is technically the best way to go or if it works for everybody. Sure, you can turn off email notifications but then you lose a lot of helpful and insightful information.

Personally, I would prefer this kind of data on the website, preferably on the user’s dashboard page. Additionally, it may be a good idea to expose processing progress data via the Mapillary API. Then, it should be quite easy to also integrate this data into any mobile app, the JOSM plug-in, or the web map (if the web designers are able to come up with a design which would not clutter the map too much).

I am aware that what I am dreaming of here would take a lot of work but I think it is going to pay off in the long run, especially for Mapillary support.

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and what did you expect after being sold to facebook?!?

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Still not working! :rage: :sleepy:

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@gyllen FYI: Perhaps you should remove the links to the status site, just to avoid confusion?

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I do not know if this is in consequence to the status discussion or this has been introduced before but I have recently received an e-mail saying that some of my videos/images could not be imported due to duplicates. It even listed the last non-duplicate and all following duplicates. This is good. :+1: However, I had only 3 duplicates, so I am not sure how well that e-mail is designed if you have hundreds or thousands of duplicates in a sequence. Anyway, it is nice to finally have a message when something fails. By the way, I would rather also like to have these kind of messages in the feed tab. Thanks guys!