Smartphone backpack mount (possibly useful for bicycles too)

Hey, so as I had read that the humand body is way better at resisting small shocks than any bicycle mount could, I’ve been looking for a mount that attaches to a backpack.

I’ve ordered this one (the motion model) as it hopefully attaches well and keeps the phone save.

Once it has arrived I will test it out and report how useful it is, also on bicycle.


Right now, I’m attaching my phone to the backpack like this. It’s actually quite stable, just not always perfectly horizontal. I wouldn’t ride my bike with it though :smiley:

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Since several years I only use Quad Lock as bike and car mount. You can use the belt clip or sports armband as mount for a backpack,.

I’ve ordered this one too, as it’s cheap and it looks like it could be a good solution. I will also report back on how it’s working for me once it arrives and I test it.