Setting up Your cycle rig in four seconds

I have been working on a bike mount that would allow me to start mapping with minimum setup time, so even the occasional shopping tour could be mapped. Available cycle mounts are either tedious to set up, or prone to vibrate, with blurry images as a result. I wanted a mount that could stand up to these wishes: instant install, pre- adjusted position and minimum vibrations.

Instant install:
To start mapping, one only needs to put the phone in the sheath and slide the sheath onto the mount clamp. Off You go!
Openings in the back allow the main mapillary buttons to be reached. A break-out tab provides access to the uUSB connector if You want to charge the phone with a power bank.

Pre- adjustment:
Part of the mount is permanently attached to the steering bar. Once installed and positioned, it always keeps the correct viewing position. For simplicity, only the vertical viewing position is adjustable. The horizontal position is following the steering bar.

The movable sheath of the mount contains the phone. Here I put special attention to fixate the phone for minimum vibration. Many other available mounts are keeping the phone poorly attached (I know by experience!) - this one keeps the phone secure and provides additional protection on 5 sides. The unique design of the mount reduces vibrations to a minimum.

The mount is not weather proof. If it starts raining, You can retrieve the phone in an instant, and put it somewhere secure.
Every phone model needs it’s own sheath size. I think any attempt to design a universal sheath will make the handling more cumbersome again. I have prepared for some popular phone models for You to try out.

Get Your free mount model here, print it and let me know your experiences:


Very nice. Thank you.