Free Mount mobile


I found this link :

Where you can get from mapillary a free mount for your smartphone.
Perhaps , someone used this offer and can answer me some questions:
1)Is there no price  Shipping , no daily rental fee or something like this
2)Do I need to send it back after I captured the route ?
3)Does it fit any smartphone (for example Sony Xperia Z5 Premium)?
4)Can I still plug the charger in , or is the port (Bottom of Device ) Covered?

Thanks for your answers.

(Sorry for bad English, ger)

Again the URL :

(Add h t t p , it wont work as a compleate URL)

Ye, its completely free - just ask. There is a car and a bike mount so just ask for whatever suits you best. The phone mount expands from about 55mm to 90mm so should fit most phones. The bike mount expands even further!

I think an email to is all that is needed

Tanks, and can I still use a charger?

(And do I need to return it after I made the pictures?)

Yep, you can still use a charger and no, its all yours to keep. I think there are some photos in the forum of people using the mounts. I will see if I can find a link somewhere.

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You can see both the mounts in this article. Your phone sits sideways(landscape) in the mount.

@tastrax thanks for your answers - all of them correct!

@stili, just fill out the form and we’ll send you a mount for free, to keep, likely to fit any phone you have at hand, and not covering the charging slot. =)

Regarding the bike mount (which I have used heavily), there is a risk that the phone jumps out of the mount when you hit bumps in the road. I strongly recommend to use a combination of a phone strap and a rubber band. The rubber band support the spring that keeps the jaw of the mount closed and the strap stops the phone from falling to the ground if the jaw opens.

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