Show latest photo option?

Sometimes I struggle to find most fresh sequence. Especially in places where we have long history with many sequences overlapping. Sequence colorisation is great help, but sometimes not enough as you need to browse through several green sequences to find most recent. Also you can select start date, but it all takes time.

I wonder if it would be hart to implement ‘show latest date’ in closest proximity?

Or maybe redesign date selection metod to be more graphically, like showing time line with points showing dates of sequences on the screen. Then you could limit shown sequences just draging limit brackets on the line and accordingly sequences inside the bracket would show/dissapear on the map screen


Displaying a graph with images per period would take extra resources to calculate, I doubt they would do it.
I’d be more interested in limiting eg traffic sign detection to a particular period (only the last x years), but that’s even less likely

Thanks for the feedback! The “Color images by capture date” was designed as the simplest way to visualize and find the freshest imagery. If it’s difficult to make out the latest sequences among many green ones then perhaps we could look into improving how the colors are used and introducing more of a gradient to make it easier to determine their freshness at a glance.

For showing traffic signs within a particular period you can use the date filter (it applies to all map data). For example, this URL will show only traffic signs in this area that were first detected in the last year: Mapillary

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Like this: